sleeping morkie

If you were asked, what is the single number one thing you can do to improve your Morkie’s life, what would you say? You might be surprised to hear my answer:



Morkie = Dog!

A regular walk for your Morkie (at least once a day), is simply the best way to keep your companion healthy, happy and dog-like.

Dog-like? Yes, many of us really spoil small dogs, turning them into doggy divas.

For one thing, we carry them everywhere! We accept behavior from them that we would never tolerate in a large dog (or a child). We pamper them and comfort them, often reinforcing nervous behavior.

Walks are about more than staying fit

But the Morkie is actually a DOG. Yes, a direct relative to the wolf. And as a dog, your Morkie must have regular exercise. Why?

  • to keep his weight under control
  • to burn up pent-up energy
  • to understand your relationship together (YOU walk HIM, on a leash)
  • builds your mutual bond together
  • exposes him to the bigger world, to build confidence and trust
  • can be an opportunity for socialization with people and other pets
  • keeps him agile and limber
  • diverts your pet’s boredom and energy into something positive, instead of digging, chewing, barking and worse
  • it’s great for your health too
  • calms him and reduces hyperactivity – tires him out

It’s gotta be a walk… on a leash

what leash

Don’t expect your dog to create his own exercise routine just because you’ve put him outside.

Your dog is dependent on you to take him out to explore the sights, smells, and sounds of the world, and so it’s up to you to vary the places you take him on walks. You’ve probably noticed how excited your Morkie gets when you even mention the W-word.

As dog expert Cesar Millan always says:

A tired dog is a good dog


“Pack leaders, mastering the walk is a must! Walking your dog daily is a great way to fulfill Fido’s physical and mental health needs, and it’s also good for your own health.”