Swiss-based giant Nestle Purina needs to do the right thing and keep their jerky treats made in China OFF THE SHELVES and keep our Morkies SAFE!


Poisonous jerky treats from Purina

Despite a $6.5 million settlement, Nestle Purina has done nothing wrong!  Oh and there is a “recommendation” (well hidden) that tells consumers, not for dogs under 5 pounds. That’s not enough.  These products should not be on shelves period.

Here are the facts:

  • to date more than 2,200 cases of illness and death are attributed to chicken jerky treats made in China
  • as early as 2007, the FDA (the U.S. federal Food and Drug Administration) had issued a warning about a possible relationship between dog illnesses and chicken jerky products made in China
  • the company voluntarily withdrew all Waggin’ Train and Canyon Ranch brand dog treats in the U.S. on Jan. 9, 2013
  • they settled a class action suit brought by consumers who’ve lost their furry companions to Purina’s treats (read details at NBC News) in June of this year
  • now they’re back!!  Nestle Purina re-introduced the product in February of this year – here’s their fabulous corporate double-speak on how it’s ok now —

“Waggin’ Train now contracts with a single-source, U.S.-based supplier for raw materials at a newly built facility in China and has its own in-house inspectors on site, according to Nestlé Purina’s vice president of manufacturing Bill Cooper, who oversaw the changes in China. The supplier, which Nestlé Purina declined to name, is one that Waggin’ Train has contracted with previously.”

Really Bill, really?  The same factory, the same supplier, the same issues that even the FDA can’t shut down.

Why?  In a word, GREED

Even though they own 28% of the U.S. pet food market alone (that’s over $4,000,000,000 a year in sales) plus massive share of markets around the world — Nestle Purina continues to buy and re-sell jerky treats made in China.  It’s disgusting – but it’s up to us to KICK IT OFF THE SHELVES by not buying  it or any other jerky treats! Please people, it’s just not worth the risk.


Report a Pet Food Complaint

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