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Got a pet stroller? Be prepared to be judged.

Thinking about getting a stroller for your Morkie? Be prepared for some snide remarks and laughs at your expense. Or your Morkie being called a diva or a snowflake.

Some people feel the pet stroller is just another symbol of us having gone too far. As the Boston Globe wrote,

Really, it should be no big deal. After all, we already live in such a pet-centric world that the sight of a dog wearing Ralph Lauren, or checking into a five-star hotel, or dining on organic, locally sourced food, barely causes a stir. And yet, a dog riding in a stroller seems one pamper too far.

sleepy dog in stroller

Really, there are plenty of good reasons to use a pet stroller for your Morkie

As I wrote in my last post –should-you-get-a-stroller-for-your-morkie – strollers are great:

  • for older or unwell pets who couldn’t get out, or couldn’t go far without one
  • owners who need some extra balance and stability that a stroller dan provide
  • for safety’s sake – when there are bigger, aggressive dogs about; during an evacuation
  • for your exercise – try a jogger model
  • when you’re simply planning to walk farther than your dog can

puppies in stroller

Six things to consider if you’re buying a pet stroller

1. Pick the right size

  • one dog or more?
  • you don’t want it too crowded; can the stroller support the weight?
  • are there extra pockets or sleeves for your stuff?

2. Wheels

  • roads and sidewalks only? Then you can go for the less expensive 3 wheeler.

3. Decide what you want it for

  • everyday sidewalk or sports/jogging use?
  • bicycle style pet trailer
  • do you want it to fold up after use?
  • what about convertible strollers that can double as a pet carrier

4. Climate

  • is it rainproof?

5. Safety

  • Look for safety features like locking wheels, and a tether to attach to your dog’s collar or harness

6. Convenience

  • Opening: top or front?
  • comfort: cushioned handle for you
  • cup holder
  • your dog’s comfort – cushioned bottom rather than a hard surface covered with fabric
  • zip off netting is very handy

7. Check the warranty

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