Which small dog is perfect for you?

Although they have plenty in common, each of these dogs has unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie.

The Yorkie is a terrier – so he’s spunky, energetic, inquisitive and bright.  Terriers tend to bark a lot … and can even be aggressive.

The Yorkie’s playful energy and curiosity make him a lively, amusing companion.  Yorkies are extremely loyal and often play “the big dog in a little dog’s body.”

Yorkshire Terriers are a relatively new breed, developed in the mid-1800s as ratters in Victorian England.  Once upper-class ladies saw the cute Yorkshire Terrier (much larger than), the dog became a favourite of the wealthy class, and the Yorkie’s popularity has never slowed since.







Maltese show dog

The Maltese dog. (NOT a terrier, so shouldn’t be called a Maltese Terrier)

Maltese dogs, one of the oldest breeds known to mankind, were always meant to be lap-dogs… so they are gentle, very loving and loyal. They had no other job or purpose than to cuddle.

It’s believed that the famous philosopher Aristotle had a Maltese, around the year 330 BC!

The Maltese temperament is calm, very affectionate and easy-going, although Maltese will bark when someone unknown comes to the door.

They’re fiercely protective of their owners and take on a big-dog guard role at times.


The Morkie


The Morkie, as you’d expect, is a blend of both breeds. But how do you know if your Morkie will be “more Yorkie” or “more Maltese?”  In a nutshell, you don’t know.

Morkies come in various colour combinations – from a solid beige to black and white, black and tan, tan and brown or tri-colour.

Their behaviour can be on the gentler Maltese side or more like the feisty Yorkie. That’s why it’s so important you understand the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese to understand how the Morkie may behave and look.






The super-affectionate and sweet Maltese dog combines with the feisty and smart Yorkshire Terrier to produce a MORKIE – the best of both. Like his parents, the Morkie is hypoallergenic because he has hair, not fur.


Common concerns with Yorkies and Maltese… and likely Morkies, too

baby-morkie-on-grassUnfortunately the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese share some of the same breed-specific problems or challenges.  That doesn’t mean that your dog will suffer from any of these, but just that it is a little more likely.

  • Both the parent toy dogs are known to be challenging to house train or potty train.
  • Both parent dogs can have hereditary health problems, including Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar; Patellar Luxation – or “floating” kneecaps where the kneecap or patella actually slips in and out of place;  collapsing trachea or windpipe;  and Cushing’s disease, a serious but treatable condition.

PLUS, like most toy dogs, both Yorkies and Maltese are susceptible to getting fat – if they don’t get enough exercise and are fed empty calories. Like all dogs, Yorkies, Morkies and Maltese need a daily walk on a leash to stay healthy. Obesity in pets has hit a new high, and it shortens lives and may be one of the causes of serious illnesses like cancer.

All three dogs have tiny jaws and crammed teeth from being bred down in size for so many generations. This often leads to poor teeth and dental disease.  This, in turn, can actually impact the health of major organs in the body, including the heart. Dental disease is a lot more serious in our dogs than in ourselves.



Which toy dog is right for you?

Yorkie, Morkie or Maltese?

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Written by small dog expert Deborah Gray

Small dog expert and author Deb Gray

“For more than 35 years, I’ve been an avid fan, owner and breeder of both Maltese dogs and Yorkies; I’m not a Veterinarian or a trained animal expert and have no formal education in animal care. But when you own and love more than 20 of these little guys over the years, you learn a lot.

“I strongly believe that you, as your dog’s guardian, deserve to know the unvarnished truth about pet food, snacks, vaccinations, shampoos, grooming, toys, accessories and basically anything that’s been made for pet care. Free from the biases of big pharma companies and multi-national food manufacturers. That’s what I endeavour to bring to you – in plain English.

“I’ll often present several points of view so you, the owner, can make a balanced and informed decision.

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